Minamiboso, a region warm throughout a year … Le Phare Resorts is located in Shirahama,the most southern part of Minamiboso. Three cottages designed by Minoru Kuroki, who won the prize at Architecture Culture Award in Chiba. Simple yet spacious, and carefully furnished, these cottages will revitalize you in both body and mind.

Le Phare means “lighthouse” in French, named after the beautiful Nozimazaki Lighthouse, constructed by French engineer Léonce Verny. We hope we always stand right here to light up your heart, and it becomes the place you would like to come back again by the light.
Minamiboso’s natural beauty informs every detail of our individually designed cottages at Le Phare Shirahama, each offering a vacation home where the experience is both relaxed and intimate.

Each cottage has a music studio with soundproofing. You can enjoy your bandcamp, rehearsal,recording or making music here with a view of beautiful scenery in Minamiboso.

Here is the place for the people who want to be true to themselves, and try to be creative and have artistic spirits. We hope you will get together, exchange the mind, and spend time to relax in the nature of Minamiboso. May a lot of stories be born here, and lead to the future.